Roof Tent - Buyers Guide

With every Roof Tent purchase there are 5 simple steps.

1. Check your cars roof load capacity

All vehicles have a "Dynamic" and "Static" load limit.

Dynamic - The weight the vehicles roof can safety carry whilst driving at EU speed limits

Static - Max capacity when not driving is 4 times greater than when driving.

Dynamic x 4 = Static weight

Many vehicles have a maximum capacity  of atleast 50kg Dynamic & 200Kg Static. 

Most vehicles have a maximum capacity of atleast  75kg Dynamic & 300Kg Static. With others up to 100kg.

Follow our simple guide to find your cars Dynamic capacity - Load Capacity Finder

2. Read Thule's Roof Tent Guide

Roof Tent Bar Guide

3.  Purchase & Fit Roof Bars or Platform.

Use our car search tool at the top of the Home Page

4. Choose the best tent for your needs & cars limitations

- Browse the Range

5. Installation 

Book professional fitting in the Showroom or have the tent delivered for free anywhere on the UK Mainland